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How It Works
Once You Sign Up, You Can Leave the Chargebacks to Us.

1. Complete integration with your existing system...

Why change what currently works for your business? Chargeback.com works fluently with your existing e-Commerce system. That includes your Processor, Gateway, and CRM.

3. Confusing Paperwork?

Fighting a chargeback on your own can often be a frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming process. Here at Chargeback.com, we handle all of the paperwork so that you may focus on what's important. Your Business! 


2. Tailored responses to your specific chargebacks...

Each chargeback is different, right? At Chargeback.com, we ensure that each response is tailor-made to fit your business and services.

4. Success!

Once a chargeback dispute has been fought, we charge a small per chargeback fee, saving your business money that may have been lost due to a chargeback.


Let a Chargeback Expert Work For Your Business



Most businesses aren't experts when it comes to dealing with taxes or legal issues. That's why they hire accountants to do their taxes or attorneys to provide legal counsel. Why shouldn't a business hire a chargeback expert to deal with their chargeback disputes?

At Chargeback.com we have processed over 250,000 chargebacks. In other words, we know what it takes to win.  And with NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS, there is NO RISK at putting our expertise to work for you.
Win More, Spend Less


It takes businesses an average of two hours to respond to every chargeback. This includes the time to gather all of the data necessary to respond to chargeback. In other words, for every 20 chargebacks a merchant receives, the merchant is losing an entire week of an employee's time. However, with Chargeback.com's fully managed chargeback system, you can get that time back to spend on core business needs.

Without the proper expertise, merchants win on average only 20% of all chargebacks they respond to. With the expertise provided by Chargeback.com, many of our clients experience a 200% - 300% increase in chargeback dispute success rates.

We looked at using Chargeback.com instead of the Fraud Protection company we were currently using as we needed more than they could deliver. We saw Chargeback.com’s demo, but decided to stay with our current provider because we didn’t want to go through the hassle and the time it would take to change. We were worried that it would take a lot to integrate them with the CRM but to my surprise they were already integrated with our gateway and they helped our CRM get integrated in less than a week. In fact they were good enough to put every effort in to getting us live as fast as possible Every time we called Chargeback.com we felt they had our success in mind and, compared to many suppliers, treated us like a valued customer. They are a great company with integrity, they do what they say they will do and are lovely people to work with. I highly recommend them and am happy to talk to anyone who is thinking of using them. - Juliet, UK

I love the information I get from Chargeback.com. I can run analysis on different numbers hourly and their customer service is second to none. - Mike, UT