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Let a Chargeback Expert Work For Your Business



Most businesses aren't experts when it comes to dealing with taxes or legal issues. That's why they hire accountants to do their taxes or attorneys to provide legal counsel. Why shouldn't a business hire a chargeback expert to deal with their chargeback disputes?

At Chargeback.com we have processed over 250,000 chargebacks. In other words, we know what it takes to win.  And with NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS, there is NO RISK at putting our expertise to work for you.
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It takes businesses an average of two hours to respond to every chargeback. This includes the time to gather all of the data necessary to respond to chargeback. In other words, for every 20 chargebacks a merchant receives, the merchant is losing an entire week of an employee's time. However, with Chargeback.com's fully managed chargeback system, you can get that time back to spend on core business needs.

Without the proper expertise, merchants win on average only 20% of all chargebacks they respond to. With the expertise provided by Chargeback.com, many of our clients experience a 200% - 300% increase in chargeback dispute success rates.

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I was impressed with how fast the set up was done. I could tell that the probability for success was high.” – Leon, Out Perform Media

The return on investment is great! You can win! We tell everyone about Chargeback.com, even our board members know the impact you have had on our business.- Tom, BidSync

Security never crossed our mind. Chargeback.com has a good system which makes us feel they are being responsible with our information.- Monica, Bella